Okinawan Beauty for Your Daily Life

Bring art into your life,

and find your own unique “+ One” style.

This is the inspiration behind “RYU + CODE”.

Okinawa, Japan’s only subtropical zone.

The vivid colors seen in bingata dyed cloth reflect the opulent traditional beauty of this region.

 In Okinawa, which was once the Kingdom of the Ryukyus,

there is a unique world of art full of primitive exoticism.


seeks to boldly incorporate this Okinawan beauty into interior decoration and fashion,

bringing its vivid color into your daily life.

The origin of the name RYU + CODE

“RYU” of “RYU+CODE” expresses “Ryukyu”,

while “CODE” is a word coined from “Coordination”.

The unspoilt landscape of Okinawa is full of vivid primary colors,

expressed in tropical fruit and the sea and sky.

The fantastic brightness unique to tropical Okinawa,

and art featuring the beauty of Okinawan blue,

are faithfully reproduced on scarfs using high-quality printing technology.

Used as tableware, it also brings a fashionable touch to your tabletop.

You can wear it on your day off, or display it wherever you please in your living room.

Experience the significant feeling of buying a work of art when you make your selection.